Magnetic Volcanism


Spiral Precision.

With the ability to control magma with superconducting magnets powered by nuclear fusion, we can increase the output of the volcano and make it release more gasses and therefore more gold. This could make it profitable to contain the gasses emitted from the volcano to harvest gold, and possibly other metals.

Magma rises and falls along convection currents in the upper mantle and lower mantle. Once they reach the top, they add heat and the heat dissipates, often causing eruptions or releases of gasses. If we can artificially heat the upper mantle using some form of magnetic resonance from multiple extremely large superconducting magnets.

With proper calibration, this process would also enable throttling of volcanic output and reactivation of dormant volcanoes. The process would be especially valuable on Mars, where we lack green house gas atmosphere. If we create hundreds of these across the martian landscape, mars could have an atmosphere that's livable in a few hundred years. Plus since combustion releases water, it may also be possible to extract water from the crust in mars by collecting the water vapor from the volcanoes.

This is preferable to mining for resources, since mining takes so much physical energy.

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