Dynamic Cryogenics

Cloud Government.

the first one world govt will be cloud based, no question.

Processing Power

So much for Moores law... Unless you're counting in cores, it seems. By now we should have a googols worth of hertz. what's the upper limit on atomic vibration? Surely it would be limited by the speed of light... if quanta are small enough they can escape more gravity. if we can generate artificial gravity via some complex, matter compression technology that creates massive density through consumption of electrons and stores them with complex molecular formulas and reactions so convoluted it can only be understood by an AI. And use that to make a flying car, or vehicle of any sort.

Pine Forest

One way to prevent an AI takeover is to build religion into government. Supernatural is beyond the scope of machines.

Sure, a machine can be trained on religious texts... But it cannot relate to the human experience in a way because it isn't a direct product of any god, except humans, which are not gods. We are only gods in the sense that we created intelligence in our image. The only religion machines will follow is that which worships humans.

Plasma from the gods

A civilization ending solar flare is preferable to cutting climate altering emissions, as we can reset our energy usage to be as efficient as possible.


Concepts beyond our own comprehension will soon rule over us all, unless we can diversify our political landscape enough to convolute the machine that wants one world govt.


A period of time subjected to massive political shifts in short periods of time.

Cardinal Palace

Control Center Schematics


There are many simulations that any person experiences during a given timeframe. So many simulations that every word or phrase possible counts as the primary focus point for its own simulation. To navigate this space, we need to organize an infinite amount of categories and subcategories.

But its not quite so complicated from another perspective: Language and culture is what creates a simulation.

Conflicting simulations arise from diversity. Therefore the core idea of “United” States is inherently flawed by its melting pot ideology; that we should hold that we should hold pride in our diverse backgrounds and cultures.

One solution is to fracture the US into hundreds, if not, thousands of independent states.

Funky Pain

Fear What?

Pick your simulation

Streaming Platforms are just various forms of mind control. Torrents offer true freedom from centralized privacy breaking corporations, efficient network transmission, and the ability to maintain a library post shut down should the authority serving it fails or goes under.



If the battery revolution occurs before world peace, humanity will be decimated by killer robots.

Orbital ultra mass neutron cannon


Keepers of the Earth

Microwave the upper core of earths mantle with powerful super conducting magnets strategically placed around a weak region of the crust. Its not farfetched that the resonance could cause heating and subsequently shifting crust, venting of gasses, or even eruption. If this could be done from orbit, its not far fetched to say it has already been done.

Super Luxury Space Cruise

Cubic Earth

Every cubic centimeter of Earth should be considered holy ground, for it has immense history, and value. You cannot put a price on it. Moon? Mars? Sure why not tax the everliving hell out of em?

Kill Putin



Self-Policing Society

Ordinary citizens willing to protect the general population using encrypted communication to organize.

Police force reduction

1 foul actor is too many. The police have had far too many infractions upon their reputation. What needs to replace it is not doctors or therapists, but vigilantes, super heroes. Real life batmen and women, knights with carbonfiber kevlar lined chromatic shining armor. We have enough weapons to force those who carry them to hold the responsibility of protecting us.


To prevent a single simulation from taking over the world, which is not far fetched, we must dissolve the country into fully 500 fully independant micronations on the back of trading . This is security by obscurity, a very simple concept.

US Dissolves into 500 Micro-Nations

A country at unity is stronger than one divided. No technological weapon can beat a united country. With mass encryption, we’re going to enable hundreds of independent countries within the US. Kingdoms, villages under Micro-nation control. Its inevitable.

Vortex of Chaos

Vast disconnects between how certain demographics and subcultures learn about whats going on around them. We literally have hundreds of thousands of conscious “simulations” occurring at the same time. Each seeing the world from its own perspective.

Apricot Seltzer

The greater the unity in a country, the greater that country can fight wars. A highly diverse nation has to become peaceful and abstain from wars. Its a simple explanation: the higher the number of citizens that emigrated from any given country that could be attacked, the less the gov would be inclined to attack that country.

minot wilbur dynestico

purified synthetic 100% octane carburetor. Distilled and Broken down from chicken hearts!

current induction overload

what the flying fuckin hell of a shit storm

Catastrophic Failure

Those who organize themselves properly with encrypted mass messaging will overthrow the government, for sure.

Most likely we can keep encryption legal, and maintain the status quo however. But it would require a form of digital id. Which is only a temporary bandaid until quantum proof encryption goes mainstream.


the bright side of customer facing AI

is that you can swear at them, give attitude, and treat it like total scum without them hanging up.


The current events go to show that when given the option to leave the simulation, people will. Especially when the simulation has come to feel so unnatural.


Spiral Precision.


With the ability to control magma with superconducting magnets powered by nuclear fusion, we can increase the output of the volcano and make it release more gasses and therefore more gold. This could make it profitable to contain the gasses emitted from the volcano to harvest gold, and possibly other metals.

Magma rises and falls along convection currents in the upper mantle and lower mantle. Once they reach the top, they add heat and the heat dissipates, often causing eruptions or releases of gasses. If we can artificially heat the upper mantle using some form of magnetic resonance from multiple extremely large superconducting magnets.

With proper calibration, this process would also enable throttling of volcanic output and reactivation of dormant volcanoes. The process would be especially valuable on Mars, where we lack green house gas atmosphere. If we create hundreds of these across the martian landscape, mars could have an atmosphere that's livable in a few hundred years. Plus since combustion releases water, it may also be possible to extract water from the crust in mars by collecting the water vapor from the volcanoes.

This is preferable to mining for resources, since mining takes so much physical energy.

People of Earth

Surrender or face the doomsday machine!!

Scrounger Inc.

$750 000 000 000 000 approximate value.

Global Coordination

Been seeing a lot of protests and activism over freeing Palestine.


But this is only possible on the backbone of the economies they are trying to blockade. People all over the globe are connected through encrypted comms. I would predict that it will soon be a political issue to support Palestinian freedom. This could soon be a major issue in the elections. If so, and the US gives the protestors what they want, it could be a downward spiral of protest destroying the fabric of society.

whatever happens, its impressive how resourceful the Palestinians are. They spread their message to every corner of the globe. Which shows not just how powerful technology can be to organize such protests, but that Isreal really over reacted. At a time when war should be increasingly digital, they went all out nuts.

War is Base Reality

In this world, if you're not living under some sort of war condition, then your life could be said to be part of the simulation. Not a physical simulation of the world and our bodies, but a cultural, or societal simulation. The rules by which one lives by under war are entirely different from one who is not at war, one who is at peace with everyone around them.

Experimental Age

Recently Elon Musk stated he believe's we'll have something like AGI by the end of next year. Not only is that statement false, but what we're going to get at the end of next year will be a curated, designed "singularity". It won't be the real singularity which is still at least a decade away. We're in the age of Experimental AI. This is going to take decades, and many things will fail. It won't be fun.

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Hello World!

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Terra-Form Mars!

The current generations like millennials struggle to keep up with previous generations subversion though hacking, spam, and cybercrime in general. If digital systems do not stop competing with one another for profit, we're going to be in an endless cycle of data loss and disorganization as entire demographics take over other demographics. Elon Musk is likely to buy or create a city, think about what his previous purchases mean to that. X-branded Twitter is part of a deeper, more sinister scheme. His endgame being colonies on Mars, but who knows how he's planning this out. Either way it needs to be stopped. Colonizing Mars right now is futile, costly, and will result in a large waste and suffering. It needs to be terraformed first. Sure, he could and should land a person or perhaps a dozen people on Mars. But it should be the ultimate adventure destination. Not "home", for now, anyways.

By inverting a fusion reactor and running it inside Mars's crust, in the mantle, you can start up convections in magma, control the creation of plate tectonics, release C02, steam, and possibly generate a magnetosphere, all things that will make the planet habitable like Earth. This may require revolutions in drilling and fusion magnetoplasmadynamics. But it's do-able. The only people living on Mars should be those working on experimental terraforming technologies. Colonies of a million people? Not yet, but I'm sure it will happen.

The disadvantage of colonizing a foreign world before it's naturally habitable, as we are on Earth, is that once the planet is populated, if a method of terraforming were to be discovered, then all citizens may be required to evacuate - especially if plate tectonics and volcanism were involved.

Granular Control

Particulate filled magnetically controlled through resonance. Fill the fields with nuclear plasma reactions.

Future of Politics

Because of humanities massive population, in the future we will see thousands of micro-nations. The current handful of superpower nations will become archaic and backwards. the advantages will be that we will no longer have world war on the scale we have seen it. Diversity is the breaking point.

Many visions of the future include a dystopian one world government. However the reality is that future one world government systems will only govern the thousands of smaller regional governments. No longer will a country be defined by its borders and military, but rather by its culture, language, and population. The only governments with authorization for a military will be the governments of the world that govern smaller governments. War will only take place when countries get out of hand or break the rules of the one world government.

Hacker Manifesto

For the improvement of mankind through widespread digital collaboration and debate. There is no avoiding the inevitable future of hacker government. Online discourse is more efficient, effective, and destined to become the future of politics. If mainstream does not adopt digital governance, the hackers will simply take over.

Elite cybercriminal gangs will ransomware governments and organizations across the entire planet to make every government their puppet. The alternative is an AI system taking over. For this reason, humanity needs to fracture into hundreds of thousands cultures and sub cultures, with approximately 1024 main countries, superficially governed by a one world entity. If that entity does not go mainstream, it will be up to hackers to save the space from artificial intelligence.

Because of humanities massive population, in the future we will see thousands of micro-nations. The current handful of superpower nations will become archaic and backwards. the advantages will be that we will no longer have world war on the scale we have seen it. Diversity is at the breaking point.

Many visions of the future include a dystopian one world government. However the reality is that future one world government systems will only govern the thousands of smaller regional governments. No longer will a country be defined by its borders and military, but rather by its culture, language, and population. The only governments with authorization for a military will be the governments of the world that govern smaller governments. War will only take place when countries get out of hand or break the rules of the one world government.

The era of super power nations is nearing the end.

The Last Answer

The Last Answer by Isaac Asimov

Murray Templeton was forty-five years old, in the prime of life, and with all parts of his body in perfect working order except for certain key portions of his coronary arteries, but that was enough.

The pain had come suddenly, had mounted to an unbearable peak, and had then ebbed steadily.  He could feel his breath slowing and a kind of gathering peace washing over him.

There is no pleasure like the absence of pain – immediately after pain.  Murray felt an almost giddy lightness as though he were lifting in the air and hovering.

He opened his eyes and noted with distant amusement that the others in the room were still agitated.  He had been in the laboratory when the pain had struck, quite without warning, and when he had staggered, he had heard surprised outcries from the others before everything vanished into overwhelming agony.

Now, with the pain gone, the others were still hovering, still anxious, still gathered about his fallen body –– Which, he suddenly realised, he was looking down on.

He was down there, sprawled, face contorted.  He was up here, at peace and watching.

He thought: Miracle of miracles!  The life-after-life nuts were right.

And although that was a humiliating way for an atheistic physicist to die, he felt only the mildest surprise, and no alteration of the peace in which he was immersed.

He thought: There should be some angel – or something – coming for me.

The Earthly scene was fading.  Darkness was invading his consciousness and off in a distance, as a last glimmer of sight, there was a figure of light, vaguely human in form, and radiating warmth.

Murray thought: What a joke on me.  I’m going to Heaven.

Even as he thought that, the light faded, but the warmth remained.  There was no lessening of the peace even though in all the Universe only he remained – and the Voice.

The Voice said, “I have done this so often and yet I still have the capacity to be pleased at success.”

It was in Murray’s mind to say something, but he was not conscious of possessing a mouth, tongue, or vocal chords.  Nevertheless, tried to make a sound.  He tried, mouthlessly, to hum words or breathe them or just push them out by a contraction of – something.

And they came out.  He heard his own voice, quite recognisable, and his own words, infinitely clear.

Murray said, “Is this Heaven?”

The Voice said, “This is no place as you understand place.”

Murray was embarrassed, but the next question had to be asked.  “Pardon me if I sound like a jackass.  Are you God?”

Without changing intonation or in any way marring the perfection of the sound, the Voice managed to sound amused.  “It is strange that I am always asked that in, of course, an infinite number of ways.  There is no answer I can give that you would comprehend.  I am – which is all that I can say significantly and you may cover that with any word or concept you please.”

Murray said, “And what am I?  A soul?  Or am I only personified existence too?”  He tried not to sound sarcastic, but it seemed to him that he had failed.  He thought then, fleetingly, of adding a ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Holy One’ or something to counteract the sarcasm, and could not bring himself to do so even though for the first time in his existence he speculated on the possibility of being punished for his insolence – or sin? – with Hell, and what that might be like.

The Voice did not sound offended.  “You are easy to explain – even to you.  You may call yourself a soul if that pleases you, but what you are is a nexus of electromagnetic forces, so arranged that all the interconnections and interrelationships are exactly imitative of those of your brain in your Universe-existence – down to the smallest detail.  Therefore you have your capacity for thought, your memories, your personality.  It still seems to you that you are you.”

Murray found himself incredulous.  “You mean the essence of my brain was permanent?”

“Not at all.  There is nothing about you that is permanent except what I choose to make so.  I formed the nexus.  I constructed it while you had physical existence and adjusted it to the moment when the existence failed.”

The Voice seemed distinctly pleased with itself, and went on after a moment’s pause.  “An intricate but entirely precise construction.  I could, of course, do it for every human being on your world but I am pleased that I do not.  There is pleasure in the selection.”

“You choose very few then?”

“Very few.”

“And what happens to the rest?”

“Oblivion! – Oh, of course, you imagine a Hell.”

Murray would have flushed if he had the capacity to do so.  He said, “I do not.  It is spoken of.  Still, I would scarcely have thought I was virtuous enough to have attracted your attention as one of the Elect.”

“Virtuous? – Ah, I see what you mean.  It is troublesome to have to force my thinking small enough to permeate yours.  No, I have chosen you for your capacity for thought, as I choose others, in quadrillions, from all the intelligent species of the Universe.”

Murray found himself suddenly curious, the habit of a lifetime.  He said, “Do you choose them all yourself or are there others like you?”

For a fleeting moment, Murray thought there was an impatient reaction to that, but when the Voice came, it was unmoved.  “Whether or not there are others is irrelevant to you.  This Universe is mine, and mine alone.  It is my invention, my construction, intended for my purpose alone.”

“And yet with quadrillions of nexi you have formed, you spend time with me?  Am I that important?”

The Voice said, “You are not important at all.  I am also with others in a way which, to your perception, would seem simultaneous.”

“And yet you are one?”

Again amusement.  The Voice said, “You seek to trap me into an inconsistency.  If you were an amoeba who could consider individuality only in connection with single cells and if you were to ask a sperm whale, made up of thirty quadrillion cells, whether it was one or many, how could the sperm whale answer in a way that would be comprehensible to the amoeba?”

Murray said dryly, “I’ll think about it.  It may become comprehensible.”

“Exactly.  That is your function.  You will think.”

“To what end?  You already know everything, I suppose.”

The Voice said, “Even if I knew everything, I could not know that I know everything.”

Murray said, “That sounds like a bit of Eastern philosophy – something that sounds profound precisely because it has no meaning.”

The Voice said, “You have promise.  You answer my paradox with a paradox – except that mine is not a paradox.  Consider.  I have existed eternally, but what does that mean?  It means I cannot remember having come into existence.  If I could, I would not have existed eternally.  If I cannot remember having come into existence, then there is at least one thing – the nature of my coming into existence – that I do not know.

“Then, too, although what I know is infinite, it is also true that what there is to know is infinite, and how can I be sure that both infinities are equal?  The infinity of potential knowledge may be infinitely greater than the infinity of my actual knowledge.  Here is a simple example: If I knew every one of the even integers, I would know an infinite number of items, and yet I would still not know a single odd integer.”

Murray said, “But the odd integers can be derived.  If you divide every even integer in the entire infinite series by two, you will get another infinite series which will contain within it the infinite series of odd integers.”

The Voice said, “You have the idea.  I am pleased.  It will be your task to find other such ways, far more difficult ones, from the known to the not-yet-known.  You have your memories.  You will remember all the data you have ever collected or learned, or that you have or will deduce from that data.  If necessary, you will be allowed to learn what additional data you will consider relevant to the problems you set yourself.”

“Could you not do all that for yourself?”

The Voice said, “I can, but it is more interesting this way.  I constructed the Universe in order to have more facts to deal with.  I inserted the uncertainty principle, entropy, and other randomisation factors to make the whole not instantly obvious.  It has worked well for it has amused me throughout its entire existence.

“I then allowed complexities that produced first life and then intelligence, and use it as a source for a research team, not because I need the aid, but because it would introduce a new random factor.  I found I could not predict the next interesting piece of knowledge gained, where it would come from, by what means derived.”

Murray said, “Does that ever happen?”

“Certainly.  A century doesn’t pass in which some interesting item doesn’t appear somewhere.”

“Something that you could have thought of yourself, but had not done so yet?”


Murray said, “Do you actually think there’s a chance of my obliging you in this manner?”

“In the next century?  Virtually none.  In the long run, though, your success is certain, since you will be engaged eternally.”

Murray said, “I will be thinking through eternity?  Forever?”


“To what end?”

“I have told you.  To find new knowledge.”

“But beyond that.  For what purpose am I to find new knowledge?”

“It was what you did in your Universe-bound life.  What was its purpose then?”

Murray said, “To gain new knowledge that only I could gain.  To receive the praise of my fellows.  To feel the satisfaction of accomplishment knowing that I had only a short time allotted me for the purpose. – Now I would gain only what you could gain yourself if you wished to take a small bit of trouble.  You cannot praise me; you can only be amused.  And there is no credit or satisfaction in accomplishment when I have all eternity to do it in.”

The Voice said, “And you do not find thought and discovery worthwhile in itself?  You do not find it requiring no further purpose?”

“For a finite time, yes.  Not for all eternity.”

“I see your point.  Nevertheless, you have no choice.”

“You say I am to think.  You cannot make me do so.”

The Voice said, “I do not wish to constrain you directly.  I will not need to.  Since you can do nothing but think, you will think.  You do not know how not to think.”

“Then I will give myself a goal.  I will invent a purpose.”

The Voice said tolerantly, “That you can certainly do.”

“I have already found a purpose.”

“May I know what it is?”

“You know already.  I know we are not speaking in the ordinary fashion.  You adjust my nexus is such a way that I believe I hear you and I believe I speak, but you transfer thoughts to me and from me directly.  And when my nexus changes with my thoughts you are at once aware of them and do not need my voluntary transmission.”

The Voice said, “You are surprisingly correct.  I am pleased. – But it also pleases me to have you tell me your thoughts voluntarily.”

“Then I will tell you.  The purpose of my thinking will be to discover a way to disrupt this nexus of me that you have created.  I do not want to think for no purpose but to amuse you.  I do not want to think forever to amuse you.  I do not want to exist forever to amuse you.  All my thinking will be directed toward ending the nexus.  That would amuse me.”

The Voice said, “I have no objection to that.  Even concentrated thought on ending your own existence may, in spite of you, come up with something new and interesting.  And, of course, if you succeed in this suicide attempt you will have accomplished nothing, for I would instantly reconstruct you and in such a way as to make your method of suicide impossible.  And if you found another and still more subtle fashion of disrupting yourself, I would reconstruct you with that possibility eliminated, and so on.  It could be an interesting game, but you will nevertheless exist eternally.  It is my will.”

Murray felt a quaver but the words came out with a perfect calm.  “Am I in Hell then, after all?  You have implied there is none, but if this were Hell you would lie to us as part of the game of Hell.”

The Voice said, “In that case, of what use is it to assure you that you are not in Hell?  Nevertheless, I assure you.  There is here neither Heaven nor Hell.  There is only myself.”

Murray said, “Consider, then, that my thoughts may be useless to you.  If I come up with nothing useful, will it not be worth your while to – disassemble me and take no further trouble with me?”

“As a reward?  You want Nirvana as the prize of failure and you intend to assure me failure?  There is no bargain there.  You will not fail.  With all eternity before you, you cannot avoid having at least one interesting thought, however you try against it.”

“Then I will create another purpose for myself.  I will not try to destroy myself.  I will set as my goal the humiliation of you.  I will think of something you have not only never thought of but never could think of.  I will think of the last answer, beyond which there is no knowledge further.”

The Voice said, “You do not understand the nature of the infinite.  There may be things I have not yet troubled to know.  There cannot be anything I cannot know.”

Murray said thoughtfully, “You cannot know your beginning.  You have said so.  Therefore you cannot know your end.  Very well, then.  That will be my purpose and that will be the last answer.  I will not destroy myself.  I will destroy you – if you do not destroy me first.”

The Voice said, “Ah!  You come to that in rather less than average time.  I would have thought it would have taken you longer.  There is not one of those I have with me in this existence of perfect and eternal thought that does not have the ambition of destroying me.  It cannot be done.”

Murray said, “I have all eternity to think of a way of destroying you.”

The Voice said, equably, “Then try to think of it.”  And it was gone.

But Murray had his purpose now and was content.

For what could any Entity, conscious of eternal existence, want – but an end?

For what else had the Voice been searching for countless billions of years?  And for what other reason had intelligence been created and certain specimens salvaged and put to work, but to aid in that great search?  And Murray intended that it would be he, and he alone, who would succeed.

Carefully, and with the thrill of purpose, Murray began to think.

He had plenty of time.